Steps on How to Create DIY Shirt Printing

Custom shirts are inexpensive and fun ways to deliver a message or showcase a personal style when dressing up. With the increasing numbers of individuals getting hooked with personalized shirt design, DIY shirt printing has now become a trend. Individuals are now getting themselves involved in do it yourself shirt printing allowing them to have fun and at the same time design a shirt in a fun and artistic way.

DIY Shirt PrintingDesigning and printing your own shirt can be fun. With enough time combined with your imagination, you can now create your own shirt design and custom shirt that represents you own sense of style and conveys your personal message. If you are planning to consider a do it yourself shirt printing, you need to follow the right steps to ensure that you will end up with the desired results.

Steps to Take When Creating Do It Yourself Shirt Printing

Printing your own shirt is simple and easy if you are guided well and you follow these steps accordingly:

• Gather the Necessary Supplies

Though you are dealing with shirt printing on your own, you still need to gather the necessary supplies including water, t-shirt, emulsion, brushes, and bottles of inks, printing screen and more. You can actually purchase these supplies from the nearest local store. You can also consider purchasing a mesh screen for this works perfectly on light shirt and simple shirt designs.

• Prepare your Printing Screen

The next step is preparing the printing screen. You need to combine the cold water and the degreaser then place the brush on the mixture and brush this mixture on the screen. Avoid putting too much mixture and allow the screen to dry.

• Mix Emulsion and Sensitizer Together

Take about 20ML of water and then pour it into one bottle of sensitizer then mix and shake properly. After this, you need to add the sensitizer to the emulsion.

• Apply Emulsion on the Printing Screen

In a dim room with low light, drip one line of a photo emulsion all over the screen and make use of squeegee to spread the emulsion around evenly. Emulsion can leak on the screen so ensure that you squeegee both sides of the printing screen. Leave emulsion dry in a black room for 20 minutes. You can use a fan to allow the screen to dry completely.

• Burn Designs on the Emulsion

A reliable 500-watt light bulb can burn transparency image to the emulsion in as short as 15 minutes. Exact time for this particular process depends mainly on the emulsion and light you used. The specific description for the light requirement is must be on the packaging of the emulsion you have purchased.

• Rinse Screen and Place some Waterproof Tape on the Screen’s Underside

Allow the screen soak in thin layer of cold water for about 2 minutes then you need to rinse the excess emulsion using a shower hose. Placing waterproof tape on the underside of the printing screen is also an important thing to do to secure the edges.

• Lay the Shirt in a Flat Surface

Ensure that there are no “wrinkles” meaning, the surface should be flat and even. Place your screen over the shirt where you like the design to be positioned. Place the screen on top and ensure that the design and screen are aligned. To make sure that the shirt remains unwrinkled and flat, clip the shirt on a strong piece of cardboard or ask a friend to hold the screen and help keep the shirt in place for smooth and hassle free do it yourself printing.

• Spread the Printing Ink on Top of the Screen Using a Tablespoon

Use your squeegee and coat the printing screen by means of spreading ink lines from top to bottom. Usually, mesh is thick so this procedure is more like a primer. Use light pressure so you won’t push any ink all throughout the screen.

• Squeegee the Printing Screen

When screen flooded, you can now transfer the chosen design into the shirt. Use squeegee at 45-degree angle on both hands in order to distribute the pressure evenly. Drag inks back up all across the flooded printing screen over the shirt design.

• Cure the Ink

By using the hairdryer, you can apply heat evenly to the shirt design for about few minutes. Cure the ink prior to utilizing the next screen in order to put in additional layers of graphics in many different colors.

• Once Done with Printing, Wash the Screen

If you are done designing and printing your own shirt, wash the screen with sponge and cold water and clean up.

If you want to make your own shirt, follow these steps for a successful DIY shirt designing printing.